Sexy Model Who Was Seriously Trolled Over Her Stretch Marks, Speaks.


But despite her success, she’s still found herself targeted by cruel trolls on the internet who have shamed the way she looks.

A single mother who was trolled on Instagram for posting a picture of her stretchmarks has revealed she is now hired because of her ‘tiger stripes’.

Plus size model , 23, from Rochdale, Manchester, has more than 64,000 followers on Instagram and is a proud mother to her three-year-old daughter, Amara.

Chelsea, who is signed to Manchester-based J’Adore Models, has worked for Pretty Little Thing, InTheStyle and Boohoo and regularly posts pictures of her glamorous life online.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, Chelsea said: “I have men commenting saying, ‘ew’ and women saying, ‘men don’t want to see this,’ but I’m not doing it for men so it all goes over my head.

“The worst thing was probably, ‘this is why you’re single, men don’t want to see this kind of stomach, stick to selfies’.

“But I don’t do it to get validation from men, it’s strictly to help women and mums and anyone who’s struggling.”

Despite the hate, the curvy mum has received a lot of praise for showing off her ‘tiger stripes’ online and she described the response to her first stomach-baring snap as “amazing”.

“I had so many women reach out about how it inspired them,” she explained. “People see influencers as being perfect, so they say seeing me with these flaws and being able to embrace them, helped on their journey for self-love.”

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