Soldier Allegedly Abandoned By Army After Surviving Grenade Attack. Graphic Photos


Report has it that a Captain in the Nigerian Army has allegedly been abandoned by the army after being attacked with a grenade by armed bandits in Zamfara on the 29th December 2018.

According to Ibrahim Bello, the captain who served in various parts of Borno state including Chibok, when Boko Haram was at its peak, fought many battles some side by side with the Late Col. Abu Ali, engaged Boko Haram terrorists for 6 whole years, after which the Army posted him to Zamfara when the issue of armed bandits started getting out of hand.

On the 29th December 2018, while out on a clearance operation in the forests of Zurmi Local Government, the officers and soldiers were attacked in ambush, many soldiers lost their lives..

The Grenade that the armed bandits threw at the officers shattered Captain Yusufs’ legs, and several particles of the explosive entered and spread into several parts of his body.

The soldiers were immediately taken to FMC Gusau, few days after,Governor Yari and the Zamfara state Government officials visited him in FMC Gusau and offered to pay his medical bills and so he was transferred to a private hospital in Abuja..

According to the report, the young captain has undergone over 10 surgeries with very little progress. Yusuf has asked several times that his legs be amputated because of severe unbearable pains..

A call is being made on the leadership of the Army to intervene at this point because after 2 months in the hospital and undergoing several surgeries, his legs are rotting and his entire body is depreciating..

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