South African Pastors Drum Support For Nigerian Cleric Accused Of Rape And Trafficking.


Members of Christians of South Africa have thrown their weights behind Nigerian Pastor, Timothy Omotoso arrested for rape.

Omotoso is facing 97 charges, including rape, human trafficking and racketeering in South Africa. He is expected to appear in the Port Elizabeth High Court today.

Pastor Derick Mosoana, president of Christians of South Africa, said: “Our visit was part of our provincial road show. “We want to establish how valid the attacks against Omotoso are. We are not undermining the court, but we want the man of God to receive justice.

“We notice that our silence has resulted in many errors in this case. “It is high time for leaders to come out and be vocal about attacks on churches.”

Mosoana said Omotoso was the victim of a spiritual attack.

“We cannot fold our arms while a man of God is under attack. “The hand of God will be harsh against who dragged his name through the mud. “They must confess their sins before it is too late. “Mzansi will continue to face recessions because our government is anti-Christ.”


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