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The Different Types Of Guys You'll Meet On Campus

Entering into the university is stepping into an environment completely different from what you’ve been used to. As expected it’s filled with different people from different backgrounds and with different behaviours. For girls, it can feel like you’ve stepped into a jungle filled with hungry male lions looking for their prey. Your best option it to be prepared and stay alert.

No matter where you go to study, it’s almost definite that you’ll meet guys who fall into one of these categories. It’s up to you to spot them and decide wherever or not they’re your type. Here are the different types of guys you’ll meet on campus:

The Popular One

He is the the cool guy everyone seems to know and talk about. He gets involved in almost every social activity on campus and is always at the coolest parties. He knows he is desirable and uses it to his advantage by dating every naive girl he can find.

The Different Types Of Guys You'll Meet On Campus

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The Bad Boy

Ladies, stay away. This guy is the biggest jerk you will ever meet. He is a total .er. Unfortunately, he’s almost irresistible even when you know he’s up to no good . His whole life revolves around one thing and one thing only: HIMSELF. Getting into a relationship with him will make this quite clear.

The Passive One

He is a green snake under green grass. What’s very attractive is his mysterious nature and you’ll constantly be on your feet trying to please him. As nice as he may look on the outside, he’s the type to wake up one day and call it quits, leaving you completely heartbroken.

The Different Types Of Guys You'll Meet On Campus

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The overbearing one

We are pretty sure this guy took a course on how to frustrate people. He’ll cling to you probably thinking it’s the best way to make you fall in love with him. You won’t be able to stand his presence and a simple text from him will leave you screaming inside.

Mr Nice Guy

He approaches you in the sweetest manner and from then on it’s all sweet and rosy. He tags himself as a helper, tour guide and school father, offering various forms of hospitality to make sure you are fine. This guy is the one you want to be best friends with and only friends.  He’s like a brother to you but there’s a high chance he has feelings for you. If you’re not into him it’s best to let him down gently .

The Different Types Of Guys You'll Meet On Campus

(Photo: ABC/ Grown-ish)

As you make new friends always remember to protect your space and set the necessary boundaries. Don’t let anyone into your circle until they’ve shown they can be trusted.

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