Toyosi Akerele reacts to Gbenro Ajibade’s public outburst regarding his wife’s parenting skills


Social entrepreneur, Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji has reacted to Gbenro Ajibade’s outburst regarding his wife’s parenting skills.

Gbenro, who has been in the United States for a while, accused his wife Osas Ighodaro of being an irresponsible mother who leaves their child with the nanny to go out at night

A number of celebrities reacted to the public outburst by telling Gbenro that it was inappropriate to publicly shame his wife.

Toyosi has now weighed in by sharing a personal story.

She wrote on Instagram:

This is my Son in my office, about 13months old in these photos in January 2019.
Mine is perhaps one of the most insane schedules a working woman can have. On this day, I had important meetings at work, my Husband had travelled and my Son was ill, I was scared to take him to Creche so I packed a crib, his bags et al and took him to work. I took breaks in between calls & typing emails to change diapers and feed him. I worked when he slept. That day, I learnt something very simple in a very profound way – RESPONSIBILITY TEACHES EMPATHY.
My colleagues came to check on my son & I seized the chance to tell the women to feel free to bring their children to work on challenging days like this if they have any.

People who work with me know I give a lot of room & support to our female staff. I menstruate so I understand the days they are moody & cranky. I know people have to come to work on days their boyfriends are breaking their hearts. Women go through multiple challenges in the line of duty while chinning up Professional Careers.
I read the ignominious public commentary Gbenro published on social media about his Wife, Osas yesterday & I cringe for Women who “marry down”. To Bosses at Work & Husbands at home, if you’ve ever been responsible in your Life, you’ll know how to care & nurture. No one will need to teach you to be kind & liberal.
Even if Osas was ever wrong, that puerile outburst from an absentee husband/father is telling of his poor character.

I don’t hold brief for Osas & I hope she adjusts where/if she should but a Man whose diatribe on social media was intended to destroy you is unfit for your Leadership & undeserving of your Love.

One more reason I remain thankful for my healthy self esteem & radical mind which made me not marry till I turned 31 despite societal pressure but which also made me wait & live my life on my own terms until I met a grounded & solid Man who loves & respects me. Men don’t come factory fitted or with NAFDAC No. so there are no perfect men anywhere but Never Marry Down Ladies. Keep Growing – Everything Good will come.

P.S. Enemies, It’s a Monday so I’m working and this has nothing to do with Feminism.


See Gbenro’s initial post below:


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