Woman who forgave boyfriend for biting off her nose is killed by him


A car wash worker has admitted to police that he killed his girlfriend with a knife, hammer and billiard cue. Oleg Myshadaev, 20, had previously been spared jail after Alexandra Shaposhnikova, also 20, begged a judge not to send him to prison for biting off his nose. However, one year on he went into a vodka-fuelled rage and was found dead in the flat where they lived in Saransk, Russia.

Local sources said that she died as a result of head injuries and her body was left in the bathroom for two days. A hammer, knife and broken cue was found at the crime scene. Five empty vodka bottles were discovered in the flat, where a female friend had been asleep while the attack happened, say reports. In the morning, Myshadaev told the friend that he and Alexandra had argued, but she left quickly, not realising Alexandra had been killed.

A court ordered his detention for two months as a murder case was launched by the Russian Investigative Committee. In November 2017 he had attacked her at a vodka-fuelled party, punching her in the face and biting off most of her nose.


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