I’m older than him by just one year but it bothers me so much


I’m in love with a guy. He loves me too. But the problem is the age difference. I’m a year older than him and I don’t feel comfortable with that. Please help me.


Dear reader,

There’s actually nothing to help you with here. If you have a problem with something about someone and it bothers you so much, you should not go ahead with that relationship obviously. If it makes you uncomfortable, you may never be able to shake it off till it eventually begins to reflect in your actions and destabilize whatever you have going in the potential relationship.

But really, should an age difference of just 12 months disturb you this much about a potential partner? If you ask me I’d say no. In fact, I do not think any age difference should bother you in as much as you are both adults – above 18 or 21 depending on where you are.

There is nothing wrong with the age difference between you and the man in question really. Think about it this way; if not for the age difference, would you date him? Is his character deserving of you? Does he have the kinds of traits you look for in a potential partner? Does he care for you and about you? Is your communication smooth and seamless? Do you feel comfortable around him as a person? Do you trust him? Does he trust you?

These are important questions to ask. And if he satisfies the important, relevant criteria you would want a partner to, then you should have no qualms dating this man, in my honest opinion.

However, I must add again that if you still do not find yourself being comfortable with this, then do not let the relationship continue. Better not force it for too long only to break his heart later.


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