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Long hairstyles for the black girls is one of the most searched topics on google. The black girls are very much fond of the long hairstyles with different types of hair patterns. Many of you have already requested us to make a post regarding the long hairstyles for the black girls through the comment box and email. So, we hereby we have arranged a beautiful article of long hairstyles for the African American black girls.

Here, we have made 10 major categories of long hairstyles for the black women for you. In each category, we will provide 5 hairstyles through images. So let’s dive in.

1. Long Box Braids

Box braids hairstyles are much more popular among African American black women. The lovely box braids look like a royal hairstyle to the African Americans.  The box braids are available in different colors and size.  Here we have managed to find 5 best and popular long box braids for you below. Look at the images below and try to select the best one for you.

2. Long Dreadlocks

The long hairstyles lovers are very much fond of the long dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are basically long and huge. These wild and crazy hairstyles can make your day more stylish, more crazy and enjoyable. When you will wear a long hairstyle with the dreadlocks, you will certainly rock. For the black girls, the long dreadlocks is a great choice for the outing, partying and other related occasions. Consider the dreadlocks long hairstyles below top find the perfect one for you.

3. Long Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids are synthetic braids with lovely curls. The addition of crochet braids is a revolution to the hairstyles industries for the black people. The black women are very much addicted to these lovely braids. Crochet braids may be both shot and long but most of the black women love the long curly, coily crochet braids. Now, Consider the images below and select the best one for you. And one more thing, you can choose the colors too. The crochet braids are of various colors and designs.

4. Long Faux Locks

Shinning dazzling locks are the faux locks. These locks are also synthetic and demandable hairstyles of the African American black women. The faux locks are thick and glittering. You can use beads and other accessories too with them. But, we are here to talk about the long faux locks hairstyles for the black girls. As per our promise, we have dis.ed the top 5 long faux locks hairstyles for you. These locks are comparatively low in price and perfect for the girls of black ethnicity. So you are free to choose the best one for you.

5. Long Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks are the thinner version of the dreadlocks. Like the dreadlocks hairstyles, the Sisterlocks hairstyles are also available in longer versions. The long Sisterlocks will make any black women look like a living legend. These will amplify your beauty and add a heavenly effect on your appearance. So, to have a look like a heavenly angel, you can try the long Sisterlocks hairstyles for the below examples.

6. Long Long Afro

Havana twists hairstyles are the best option for black women who love the twists in their hairstyles. The Havana twists are basically braiding hairstyles for the black women of African American ethnicity. The Havana twists hairstyles are long and sexy hairstyles. So as a glorious long hairstyle, we would like to recommend the Havana twists for you. It will make a stunning effect on your hairstyle. The long Havana braids also make you noticeable among the other black women around you.

7. Long Afro Hairstyles

The black women cannot think of making hairstyles without the classic afro hairstyles. We are familiar with the round afro hairstyles conventionally. But here, we have arranged 5 afro hairstyles which are long in nature. If you are willing to have a hairstyle with afro and uniqueness, you have this great option for you. Now look at the images below and find your hairstyle among the five. Trust me, you will look gorgeous, sexy and seductive.

8. Long Silky Straight Hair

Here comes the straight hair. Straight hairstyles are used by millions of women all over the world. So, the African American black women are also free to wear long straight hairstyles. Look at the images below and select the best one for you. The straight hairstyles are one of the most classic hairstyles and still on the go. No men can ignore the appeal of straight and long hair. So, its time to choose a long straight hairstyle to have a killer look.

9. Long Jumbo Braids

The thick jumbo braids are very much popular and demandable to the African American black women. These thick bands are abnormally long and sexy. So, the long hairstyles lovers can use these thick braiding hairstyles as their upcoming hairstyle. So now, you can choose your jumbo braids hairstyle form below and ask the stylist to get that done for you.

10. More Long Hairstyles Ideas for You

These hairstyles are basically Uncategorized. We have made 9 categories above and put the relevant hairstyles in them. But here, you will get various types of hairstyles with heavy length. The lengthy hairstyle; less will be perfect for the black women and girls of African American ethnicity.

Now, you take your decision. Pick the right hairstyle for you and ask your hairstylist to get that done for you. And do not forget to let us know about your feedback and comment through the comment box. Stay beautiful and keep beautiful.

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