How Man Started Dating Teacher In A Bid To Have Sex With Students. Photo


A man started dating a teacher in a bid to have sex with pupils, police said. Torstein Torsteinson, 35, is said to have come up with the plot after failing to contact the pupil on Facebook Messenger.

So he allegedly started a relationship with Estill County High School tutor Sherry Murphy in Irvine, Kentucky, US.

The brunette, 39, was aware of his ‘sexually inappropriate’ messages to the student, but did not report him, investigators said. She also knew of at least three other pupils contacted by her boyfriend, according to local sources.

Torsteinson reportedly messaged the first teen for sex last September, but was unsuccessful. He got back in touch while having a relationship with Murphy, according to the legal documents.

Police say Torsteinson later told the girl to delete the messages between them to hide the evidence. Murphy also allegedly got rid of messages to stop others finding them. She and Torsteinson are charged with unlawful transaction with a minor and tampering with physical evidence. Murphy is also accused of not reporting child abuse.

She has been placed under house detention, suffering from a back injury which prevented her being locked up in prison. Torsteinson is being held at Three Forks Regional Jail. Murphy resigned from Estill County High just hours before her arrest.

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