Lionel Messi’s Father Involved In An Accident.


A biker was rushed to hospital in Argentina last night after being hit by a BMW driven by Lionel Messi’s dad. The unnamed 24-year-old was reportedly left briefly unconscious after the collision at a crossroads in the Barcelona star’s native city of Rosario.

An ambulance took the injured man to hospital while police drove Messi’s father to a nearby police station so they could check his vehicle documents.

He is also believed to have been breathalysed before being allowed to leave.

The accident happened around 8pm local time on Thursday.

Messi’s 61-year-old dad was driving a BMW M3 and the injured biker was on a Honda CG 150.

Although local reports said the motorcyclist was left unconscious after being knocked to the ground, his injuries were categorised as “non-serious” after he was examined at Rosario’s Clemente Alvarez Hospital A&E.

The incident is not expected to result in court action.

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