Ramadan Food Tips : What to eat and what to avoid.


A lot of people would have leveraged cheap fares for Travel from Travelstart to travel during this holy period of Ramadan. Whether they decided to travel to observe the fast in another climate or not, it is important to note the food to eat at this period. Isn’t it?Ramadan is here and every one is looking for the best Ramadan Food tips.

Well I feel people are just being Curious on what exactly they should eat during Ramadan.

Is that a bad thing?

No like definitely I commend it because the Islamic religion has some laws concerning what to eat and what not to.

Let’s look at why you will need Ramadan Food tips.


Why Ramandan Food tips are important

Every spiritual activity should be taken seriously and not for play.

We want to remember that it’s part of the Ramadan Traditions to eat pure and clean food which is deemed accepted by the regulations.

So what are these unacceptable food and acceptable food

Well we call them Halaal and Harman food

What is Halaal food

Halaal means permissable or allowed or acceptable.

So knowing what Halaal means now can tell us more about it’s food

It is logically correct to now conclude that Halaal food should be good that is acceptable, allowed and permisable.


So any food that is acceptable to the Islamic culture is called Halaal.

What is a Harman Food:

Harman also means something too.

It means ‘in permisable, not allowed or unacceptable.

So it’s the opposite of Halaal right?

Yes that’s it so an Harman food could now be deemed food that is not allowed, accepted and permisable.

Any food that isn’t acceptable and impermisible should be deemed as Halaal food.

This means that there are some food that will be taken away first until after the Ramandan

Good Halaal Food Tips:

  1. Make sure you read the Food’s case and container for the ingredients to make sure that there is no Forbidden food there.

This is because we can not say for sure if ingredient used for producing the canned food has been changed

And maybe a new ingredient may be a disallowed ingredients, if we don’t check we won’t be able to spot that change of ingredients

So make sure that you check the containers.

We will list the Forbidden ingredients below this heading.

  1. The Food Traditions of today has been negatively affected by the cultures and custom of our today’s world,.

Things changes and so do people, so you want to make sure that the modern ways of doing things or new foods are not embedded into the cultures and Traditions of the Islamic religion.

  1. Ask your group head if any one has a complaint and also if some one has a special necessary requirements with his feed.

You would want to know so you can meet the needs of every one so they don’t sort out for Harmar food instead of Hallal food.

  1. If you have a vegetarian in your mist, instead of giving them a full meat meal which will seem bad, and disrespectful of their beliefs, you should leave them a legume meal it’s a good alternative to meat meals.
  2. Make sure the cans have to Halaal certification, food label and even authorized stickers so you can confirm that the food you buy is in harmony with the Halaal food standard.

Ingredients to avoid:

Animal Shortening
Ham, bacon

Mono and diglycerides

Sodium stearoyl-lactylate
Vanilla extract3


Make sure you check your cans and make  sure that none of the ingredients listed above are not in any of the food cans we use for Halaal food

So try your best to abstain for Harman food.


Are Harman Food Toxic?

Not physically but spiritually.

As far as it’s a FORBIDDEN food then we definitely should not eat it, whether it’s toxic or not

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