Every Working Mom Should Have These Makeup Items

If you are a working mom, sometimes you require extra effort to look good. Babies are cute and all but they tend to be the centre of attention, making the mom and her beauty needs an afterthought.

Having a few emergency makeup essentials in your purse can be a total lifesaver on such days. And we don’t mean Vaseline and eyeliner. So before you dash into the car and speed off to work, take a moment to put these secret weapons into your purse.

1. Compact Powder

This is one of the most important makeup items for moms. It is perfect for giving your complexion a boost in seconds. Compact powders offer great coverage so you don’t have to spend time concealing and applying foundation. Just gently dab on the compact powder, blend in properly and you will automatically look put together with even skin tone. It’s easy to apply and you can easily do it in traffic.

2. Lipstick

A proper lipstick can immediately light up your face, making you look refreshed and beautiful. You know that shade that looks great on you with little or no effort right? Make it your go-to lipstick and watch life get easier. It’s best to go with a matte lipstick to avoid smudging during the day.

3. Mascara

They say the eyes are the mirror to the soul or something like that, so we are focusing on makeup items that will make your eyes pop! When your eyes look bright and attractive, they draw attention away from other things that might give away your busy lifestyle. And since long lashes mean brighter eyes, you definitely have to add mascara to your purse. When your lashes look longer, you look more awake and alluring, making you envy to all.

4. Eye Cream

Again with the eyes. The first part of your face that shows stress is your eyes. Eye bags are a constant feature on the faces of busy moms but with a good eye cream, your eyes are bound to look less tired. Fight wrinkles and fine lines under your eyes by investing in good eye cream and adding it to your daily beauty routine. Make sure to use it before applying anything else on your face.

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