Doctor talks about the cryptic pregnancy scam going on in Nigeria


A Nigerian doctor has taken to social media to expose a new scam currently happening in the eastern part of Nigeria – According to the doctor, it is called Cryptic Pregnancy and it involves brainwashing women into believing they are pregnant.The scam identified as ‘Cryptic Pregnancy” involves certain people posing as medical experts who brainwash desperate women in need of a child, into believing they are pregnant.

According to a doctor identified as Abah Ehi Peters who brought this to light via his Twitter page, these women seeking children are injected with with high level of oestrogen and sometimes progesterone hormones that cause the abdomen to bloat/enlarge, formation of cysts and appearance of being pregnant.

He shared a conversation with a patient who believed she was pregnant but was worried because she was still seeing her period 3 months into the supposed pregnancy. On further inquiry about how she found out she was pregnant, she opened up about the Cryptic Pregnancy.

She had this to say: “Patient: I was introduced by a friend, they have 3 categories N500,000, N1,000,000 and N1,800,000 depending on sex selection and success rate.

On my 1st visit to the clinic after confirmation of payment, something was inserted into my vagina….and I was asked to have regular vaginal sexual intercourse with my husband and return in 4 weeks time and was told am pregnant in a cryptic way and that I should not bother going to any hospital for antenatal or for pregnancy tests because the baby won’t show in scan.” The patient however revealed she did not ask to find out what was inserted in her.

She went on: “I was told to only visit their clinic and come regularly for an injection until the completion of 9 months after which I will deliver via c/s because the baby is a special one. And that I will continue seeing my menses but should not be bothered.” She said, revealing she has taken three of those injections.

The doctor revealed that he went on to carry out what he called an abdominopelvic ultrasound scan with a 3D ultrasound machine and also had an experienced Radiologist & Sonographer search for that hidden baby in her body.

“About an hour later after a thorough scan and a repeat PT test. No baby was found and PT negative. Only findings was an enlarged liver, ?left ureteric stone, right ovarian cyst and multiple leiomyoma. In summary, after thorough investigation and interviews of other women that victims of this scheme by me and my colleagues; This is our findings/conclusion.

The doctor went on to break down how the scam is successfully run on women. “What these scam centres actually do is that they keep injecting these women with high level of oestrogen and sometimes progesterone hormones that cause the abdomen to bloat/enlarge, formation of cysts and appearance of being pregnant.

These frauds ain’t concerned about the implications of high doses of such hormones on these women like breast cancer, ovarian cancer and stroke.”

“By the 9th month these victims are booked for fraudulent elective c/s and general anaesthesia is used to put them to sleep and upon recovery or waking up from the effect of the anaesthesia she will find a baby or babies by her side depending on the amount paid.

We discovered that most of them can’t initiate breast feeding or don’t breastfeed at all. This elaborate scam brainwash these women and they throw all sense of reasoning away no matter how educated they are. Their desperation for a child make them easy prey.”

“The so called WhatsApp group of women sharing testimonies is another scam to keep these women believing. Cryptic Pregnancy in Eastern part of Nigeria is a big money spinning scam. Cryptic Pregnancy cannot be forced or created.”


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