Man commits suicide as girlfriend dumped him after he lost his job


This is the heartbreaking story of a young man identified as Deji who took his own life due to some challenges in his life. According to the story shared by @AndreFiree, Deji was fired from his job based on a false allegation. Due to his financial struggles, his girlfriend left him for his friend. Shortly after taking his own life, the truth was revealed but it was too late.

He narrated: “I think I should share this story with y’all, My friend Deji whom I’ve known for a long time committed s*icide day before yesterday. He got fired from his job because his colleague lied on him.

“His girlfriend of three years also ditched him for his friend ,just because he wasn’t financially stable anymore. It was very hard for him, this was a girl he took through school , got her the iPhone X she uses currently , he uses a Toyota Camry 2014… He begged her to hold on things would get better but she cursed him , saying he had bad luck

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