Mum gets justice for son who died in hospital due to alleged neglect


The Nigerian mum identified as Obby Ugochukwu Essien has narrated how she got justice for her late son. The woman alleged that her son died due to negligence and incompetence by both doctor and hospital. The woman shared a post on her Facebook page explaining the events that occurred after her son died four years ago. Essien also explained that she was able to get the doctor’s license suspended by a disciplinary tribunal under the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

The woman noted that it took four years but she got justice for her son. According to her, the day her son died the doctor identified as, Vitalis Mezie, put someone else in charge because he claimed he had something to do.

She alleged that when the doctor that was left behind was questioned, it was discovered that he is a nurse, not a doctor. The woman also said that Mezie’s people had threatened herself and her family to leave the case alone. They did everything possible for her to stop asking questions, but she never relented.

She noted that they had even come up with lies in court. Essien said they gave an account of two different nurses with the same writing in their statement.

The excited mum wrote:

Thank you Oghenovo Ochuko Emore whom introduced us to Adenyke Israel-Bolarinwa who then introduced us to Yemi Adamolekun of EiE Nigeria, who then presented our case to Mr Olumide Akpata and all the amazing lawyers in Templars law firm who listened to us and took up our case probono! PROBONO!!!! Thank you! Thank you!!Thank you!!!! God bless you all abundantly. This great victory wouldn’t have been possible without you all. Thank you over and over and over again!

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