Popular Chinese vlogger used beauty filter to create a false identity, exposed


A chinese vlogger, who uses a filter to make herself look decades younger, accidentally exposed her real face when a technical glitch occured during her livestream and exposed her to be a middle-aged woman.The vlogger, known as “Her Royal Highness Qiao Biluo”, was livestreaming on July 25 when a technical glitch caused her beauty filter to vanish. She went from looking like a woman in her early twenties to a middle-aged woman. It has now been revealed that she’s 58.

Before the glitch, the vlogger had over 135,000 followers on Douyu, a Chinese livestreaming app. Her fans referred to her as “cute goddess” with a “cute and healing voice”.

During the livestream, Biluo had been discussing whether or not to grant a fan’s petition to remove the beauty filter she uses. She was saying that she needed 100,00 Yuan worth of gifts to show her face and even told her followers that she’s a good-looking host.

Unfortunately for her, as she was speaking, a technical glitch caused the filter to go off and her real face was exposed.

Her followers were disappointed and called her out for deceiving them. Some called her “grandma” and some accused her of using the filter to con men for their money.

She has now confessed that she’s 58 years old.

Fortunately for her, the glitch, rather than destroy her online career, appeared to enhance it. Initially, she lost a number of her male followers but her popularity soon soared and as at Wednesday night, July 31, she already has 985,000 followers on Douyu. Most of the followers expressed their love for her and left encouraging messages to drown out comments from the trolls.

She has also started taking sponsorship from companies selling beauty software and she announced on Tuesday, July 30, that she will record a music album.


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