Jose Mourinho hits back at Jurgen Klopp for criticism of Manchester United


Former Chelsea and Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has blasted Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp after the Reds boss criticized the Old Trafford team following the clubs’ 1-1 draw on Sunday night.

Klopp, has never won at Old Trafford since he became Liverpool coach in 2015, and with 8 wins in the premier league this season, he was eyeing surpassing Jose Mournho’s record of 9 consecutive wins in the English premier league.


However, when asked if Sunday was a good result for Liverpool, Klopp blasted United’s defensive tactics.

Klopp told Sky Sports: ‘It’s just a point. When I’ve been in England, Man United have pretty much set up like this. Everyone built it up (the game) like a mountain, but one team set out to defend and one team made the game. We didn’t lose anything, it’s just a point. Let’s carry on.’


Jose Mourinho – who was in charge at Old Trafford between 2016 and 2018 – hit back at the Liverpool manager, claiming he is happy his record with Chelsea in the 2005-2006 title winning season wasn’t surpassed.


Mourinho said: ‘He didn’t like the menu. He likes meat and got fish, so of course he’s not happy.

‘United with the limitations they have played a different profile of performance. They were always compact.’


When asked what went wrong for Liverpool on Sunday, Mourinho replied: ‘Quality of the team to play against a low block, which is a sometimes a problem they have.


I’m really happy they didn’t win because the other record is mine, not theirs. Jurgen clearly has a little bit of frustration. At Old Trafford, which is a special place for Liverpool to win, he never did it.’

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