Bride Steals N7.9m From Dying Dad To Buy Wedding Dress (Photo)


A bride-to-be stole £17,000 (N7.9m) from her boyfriend’s dying dad and spent the money on a wedding dress. Is she crazy?

Carol Williams, 38, who was a carer for the elderly man, helped herself to his life savings for the spending spree.She then splashed the cash on online gambling sites, food and clothes including a white wedding dress.

Swansea Crown Court heard Williams’ victim was her boyfriend’s bed-bound father who she helped care for at his family home.The thefts were discovered when the victim and his daughter were discussing funeral arrangements.He asked her to check the total in his savings account but the balance was significantly less than it should have been.

Williams pleaded guilty to theft and fraud by false representation. In a statement, the victim who is in his 70s, said: “I have been made to feel like an old fool”.Williams, from Garnant, west Wales was jailed for 12 months.

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