How Regina Daniels And Her Mum Have Transformed Since Her Marriage(Photos)


The news that 20-year-old actress, Regina Daniels is married is no longer news but what is news is how the actress and her mum have transformed since her marriage to Ned Nwoko.

They are living the good life.

  1. Regina Daniels’ mum now leaves in her own house courtesy you-know-who.

  1. Regina now flies private jets

She flies private jet with family members (Her brother)

  1. The actress has a fleet of luxury cars

  1. The actress also showed off her N3.3M wristwatch on Instagram

It is not clear if Regina Daniels actually coughed out that huge amount of money to buy an expensive wristwatch of this manner but we know she’s got a very impeccable taste for luxury items

The actress and her mum are presently living the good life in Cape town

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