How To Know If You Are Broke Even When You Have A Steady Income


Broke is when you can’t sustain your lifestyle if your job were to stop today. So let’s look at these signs to find out if you are broke

1. You’re living from paycheck to paycheck. If you’re spending every money you take home, you are broke

  1. You aren’t saving for the future. There are monthly expenses or excuses that doesn’t allow you save, you are broke.
  2. Your income dictates your lifestyle. It should be the other way around: we should work to earn enough money to live, not live to earn enough money to buy things we don’t need.

  3. You argue over money. Most times you are in a conversation al you do is arge about money, you are broke.

  4. You have a flashy care you can’t maintain. Your car keeps creaming you names with it’s shocks, brakes, AC always off. You are very broke.

  5. You can’t afford to go to the hospital. You dress expensive, smell expensive, look expensive but you can’t go for that surgery or check up, you are broke.

  6. You like in an expensive house. You don’t have any asset, no land, stocks or any passive income, you are very broke.

Going by the above, are you broke?

Being broke without a plan to break the cycle is not. You see, given the above criteria, we’ve all been broke at some point in our lives—everyone has been broke or broken. What’s more important than income is how we spend the resources we have.


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