Ladies, How Do You Wear Shoes Like This?


I don’t understand it. How do some ladies wear shoes like this? The legs looks like hands. Even if you don’t know how to, then ask questions.

So here are some fashion rules for wearing open toed shoes below:

  • Make sure the shoes fit. That is, make sure it is your size to avoid the hazard in the picture above.
  • Wear what works for you. If you can’t wear it, leave it for those who can. Not all shoes take every personality.

  • Be sure your toes look their prettiest before slipping into your sexy sandals. Get a pedicure to remove any rough skin and moisturize your heels; and have your toenails painted with a glossy, bright, summer pink, peach or red color. If you have open blisters or visible bunions, do everyone a favor and keep your feet covered until they have healed!
  • Shave your legs before you wear attention-grabbing, open-toed shoes. Since your feet will be on display, you want to make sure that the attention you receive by sharing your brightly painted toes with the world remains positive when onlookers’ eyes naturally wander upward.

Finally, Use common sense, don’t wear open toed shoes in the rain. They will make you very uncomfortable.

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