Lagos Danfo Drivers And Their ‘Made In Lagos’ Seat Belts


Let’s start with the fact that the Danfo drivers have no proper seat belts along their front passengers.

Even though there is an enforcement of seatbelts in Lagos, they still disregard it and this makes driving judgement very poor amongst danfo drivers.

Every moment spent inside a danfo is akin to life inside Nigeria. It is crazy, funny, risky and life threatening. You have the orobos squeezing you on every side, the preachers, those with unbearable mouth and body odours, and the ones that keep telling loads of lies on their phones!

Nowhere is safe or comfortable inside a danfo and most passengers just have to endure to get to their destination. The front seat just beside the driver is the most comfortable as well as the riskiest when you consider the fact that you are the driver’s twin – without seat belts!

Going back to the seat belt matter, because LASTMA officials are always after the drivers and their seat belts, they invent seat belts that you have to tie or wrap around around you and sometimes you have to wait to be practically “untied” before you get off the bus.

What’s your experience using seat belts in Danfo?

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