Maid Caught Dipping Toddlers Hands In Boiling Water (Photos)


A maid from hell has been arrested  by the Police in Singapore for scalding a toddler’s hand by dipping it repeatedly into a boiling pot.

The sad incident was caught on camera by the 16-month-old girl’s mother, Amy Low Mei Liang, posted the clip online.

The incident reportedly happened while the couple were at work. You can see the posted photos of what appear to be the toddler’s scalded and burned hands.

The maid who has been arrested claimed she did it on purpose. She put the toddlers hand twice in a boiling pot of water from the CCTV video released.

The maid initially denied any wrong doing, saying that the toddler had touched the pot on her own. The mother, Amy believed her at first but became suspicious when the maid insisted she wanted to return to her home.

Their 8-year-old daughter called the dad up at work to tell him about her injured sister.

The maid revealed that she hurt the child because it will increase her chances of returning home.

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