Sad! Farmer Eaten By His Pigs After He Had A Heart Attack


An unfortunate incident has to a 71-year-old farmer Mr Krzysztof who was eaten by his 12 pigs on his farm after collapsing from a suspected heart attack.

Mr Krzysztof had gone to collect water from a well on his farm in the village of Osiek, southwest Poland, when he collapsed and his 12 Hungarian Mangalica pigs ate his body.

A neighbour who had gone out to look for him after not seeing him since New Year’s Eve found his remains, a pile of bones and skull fragments. According to reports, Mr Krzysztof had a drink problem and may have fallen asleep whilst trying to get water from the well.

Prosecutors say he may have also suffered a heart attack, while one neighbour said: ‘He forgot to give the pigs food and probably fell asleep. However, locals in the area are arguing over whether they should kill the pigs or not.

The prosecutor’s office said that saving the pigs ‘would not be a crime’ and putting them to sleep ‘is not necessary to continue the investigation.’

Do you think the pigs should be killed?

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