This Is The Reason I killed My Pregnant Girlfriend – Suspect


A young man, Mustapha Idris, 29, who was arrested has shared the reason for killing his 20-year-old pregnant girlfriend, Nafisa Hashimu.According to reports, Nafisa Hashimu was 3 months pregnant for Mustapha Idris at the time of her death.

Mustapha and Hashimu, were live-in lovers at Daneji village in Jigawa state. Ater the deceased told him she was pregnant, he got angry and stabbed her to death.

Her body was found in a bush at the outskirts of Daneji village. Mustapha said he killed his girlfriend to avoid the shame of giving birth outside wedlock.

He was ashamed of having a baby outside wedlock but not ashamed of sleeping with her outside wedlock

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