This Is Too Sad To Watch. Woman Narrates How Her Husband Died


This is too sad to watch. Nigerian hospitals have killed people more than diseases. Victoria Akindinmah, wife of the deceased is still mourning the death of her husband who recently passed away after having difficulty in breathing due to medical negligence.

Victoria is now left to cater for her three kids alone. Before the unfortunate incident which happened on the 2nd of January, her late husband was a realtor and the bread winner of the family.

A Nigerian doctor, Obyno Kachi had this to say:

This is something I cannot ignore. When we spend time promoting Nigeria to the world only on the entertainment side, let us also look into our health system. If you have lost a loved one in a Nigerian hospital for neglect, you may be able to relate well. I can relate very well having had 2 experiences in the past both happening in my very eyes. Infact, the second one made me cry profusely and I was like “there is no way I am staying here”. I saw this relative dead while I was running around trying to make sure things were done for this person— what pains me more is that, with the things I have learnt and with the tools to work I have seen over the years here, these relatives did not deserve to die at all!! For the Nigerian doctor, the tools to work are not even available— the pay is just makes no sense. Imagine with all the medical knowledge you have, you cannot have ordinary oxygen that is plugged to every bed in the hospitals in the US. We don’t even want to talk about operating on people with torch-lights or rechargeable-lamps. This is what has led to the mass exodus of physicians. Hearing that Asthma exacerbation took a young man’s life in this day and age and in the manner shown in this video just makes me sick to my stomach. Our healthcare system needs to he fixed and it will take a joint action. I will not blame people (physicians) who want to leave to greener pastures— sometimes people are helpless!!!


For how long are we going to continue loosing lives like this in Nigeria


Video credit: TVC

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