Unbelievable! See The Condition That Causes Women To Have Up To 100 Orgasms A Day


A bizarre condition that causes women to have up to 100 orgasms a day has been revealed. It is called the persistent genital arousal disorder.

But now doctors say they may know the cause of persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), after studying 10 patients.

Scans suggested their constant state of arousal was caused by damage to nerves in the spine which altered the way they connected the genitals and the brain.

Nine out of the 10 participants had unusual findings on their spine, such as cysts, according to results of the study.

Doctors even managed to cure two people of their PGAD during the study – one by removing cysts in her spine and the other by easing her off antidepressants after the condition had been triggered by stopping them suddenly.

Six had their symptoms eased through similar procedures, the doctors said.

PGAD leads to constant feeling of physical sexual arousal – but the sufferer does not feel any sexual desire. It is unclear how many women are affected.

Treatments vary from gels to masturbation and even counselling to try and identify triggers. But patients, who are mainly women, can go years without finding relief.

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