Nigerians React As China Reveals That Chloroquine Cures Coronavirus

Who would have ever thought that Chloroquine, of all drugs, that itches us, would be the anti-viral drug for Coronavirus. Those medical researchers deserve a medal. Lol!

It has been revealed that Chloroquine cures Corona virus and now It all makes sense why no African died of the disease. Nigerian hospitals used to give us that drug like candy, growing up. If you search our systems, I’m sure you’d still find remnants of the drug inside. 

Now that Chloroquine phosphate has been discovered as one of the drugs for the cure for Coronavirus, other drugs include Remdesivir and Favipiravir. The once forbidden drug would be the best drug right now. See reactions online below:

Chloroquine that was banned in Nigeria has proved to be anti-viral drug for Coronavirus after showing promising results in trials across 10 hospitals. Who would have thought Chloroquine?



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