Policemen Leaked Information That Led To Aso Rock Woman’s Murder


More details have emerged from the activities that led to the death of Ms. Laetitia Naankang Dagan who worked in Aso rock on Monday night.

Ms. Laetitia who worked as the assistant director in the state house reported to the Nigerian police that she felt unsafe in her environment because it was populated by Yahoo boys and was considering moving out of the place.

The Nigerian police made some arrests and the boys were later released and before they left the identity of the person who reported them was revealed and they were pained.

Photo taken hours before her death

Ms. Laetitia who closed late on Monday night, was tied in her apartment, assaulted, strangled and they set fire on her body. What a way to die because of the unprofessional-ism of some policemen.

We hope the men are brought to book as one of the killers mistakenly exchanged his phone with the deceased. May her soul rest in peace, amen!

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