Would You Try A Snake Massage To Relieve Stress?


Snake massage is probably the scariest massage that anyone can have. Just imagine a slippery, over 6-foot python gliding through your body.

If you’re feeling tense, there’s nothing like a massage to get you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Sure, you could get a regular massage, but if you want to indulge your wild side, you can also try getting a massage from a snake. You might be wondering: what are snake massages? This perplexing practice involves laying down and letting yourself be covered in 500+ pounds worth of live python. They move in ways that human hands can’t, leaving you totally tension-free, if a little bit terrified.

While some people understandably balk at the idea of snake massages, the niche practice is growing in popularity, with numerous spas worldwide offering the unusual treatment.

After the snakes are thoroughly washed, they’re pretty much just draped across the customers’ torsos and faces, and given free rein to slither around as they please. They might even use their tongues, which apparently feels like being tickled.

What do you think? Would you lay down under a pile of wriggling pythons and let them work their magic, or would you run from the spa screaming?

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