See How A Makeup Artist Transformed An Elderly Woman’s Face


This is why some people say makeup artist would not make heaven, lol! When they finish the face beat the muse becomes unrecognizable like a total stranger.

There are many makeup artists but not many can deliver what you want but when you find a good one stick with that one.

We have seen some makeup gone wrong and they ended up spoiling the individual’s special day and the pictures they would look back on and regret making that horrible decision.

Never go for cheap, go for good quality and the best. Remember the best doesn’t have to be expensive. Have a trial session with the MUA (makeup artist) and if you like what they deliver, go ahead with them, if not run for your life and never look back, lol!

This makeup artist can change the face of Nigeria, look at the face, her neck. This is the perfect definition of don’t judge a book by its cover.

So, do you like modest makeup or would rather go for the bold and perfect look that friends would hardly recognize you. What’s your choice?


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