Impress Your Friends With These Irresistible Gele Styles


Gele are usually used during events in Nigeria. Birthdays, weddings, burials and so on. It makes the woman stand out with here asoebi for the event.

Here are different gele styles you should try out when you are stepping out for an event. Tying of gele can be done with different fabrics like damask, George, aso-oke and many other fabrics of your choice.

Side rose auto gele

The side rose gele is for the chic woman who is not afraid to try new things

Flowery umbrella gele

Bling gele: You would love this if you love blings like Davido,lol!

This is the beaded auto gele

This is the wide flower gele for the bold and daring woman

This is the infinity pleats and it suits the shapes of faces

How often do you wear gele? Do you even know how to tye your gele or you just go for the auto gele?

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