Man Brutally Kills Neighbour For Preventing Him From Watching Movies In His House


This is why it’s not always good to be overly familiar with your neighbours especially when you live in areas that are not so good.

A man, Taiwo Eluyemi, who resides Oshodi in Lagos was brutally murdered after he asked his neighbors who usually come over to watch movies in his house to go away because they were too much and the atmosphere didn’t encourage social distancing.

The next day a bitter neighbor, Habeeb ambushed him on his way back from picking his young son who went to church and murdered him with a cutlass.

The culprit should be jailed for life. Somebody who was trying to protect himself from coronavirus and you killed him for protecting everyone. How wicked can people be?

He didn’t only attack him but attacked him in the presence of his son. You have destroyed two lives cos you also messed with the little boy’s mentality. This is not just wickedness but evil.

Can you just imagine this? I think there is more to this, other than mere watching of movie and misunderstanding. There should be proper investigation and the wicked devil of a man be punished adequately.

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