See The Beautiful Couple Arrested For Allegedly Killing Their Housemaid


Mr and Mrs Nene Fortune Stephens, have been arrested for the unfortunate death of their housemaid, 19, Joy Okom Adole at their home in Bariga, Lagos.

According to reports, Joy started working with the couple in January, 2020 and the incident started when Joy demanded that the couple pay her salary. Her Elder brother narrated that the couple beat Joy anytime she asked for her salary. Joy also made attempt to leave the couple but due to the lockdown she wasn’t able to leave because vehicles were not available.

On the 19th of April, she was badly beaten hours before she was found dead after the boss said she caught her stealing a pack of noodles.

The couple claimed that Joy hanged herself but the deceased relations believe she was killed and staged like she committed suicide because no one commits suicide with their legs on the floor.

The police said the couple reported to the police station claiming their housemaid committed suicide at their home but upon investigations, there were many signs of violence on her body which looked like she was tortured to death. The case is still being investigated.

Do you think the housemaid was murdered?

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