See The Coronavirus Inspired Fashion Everyone Is Talking About


Fashion is always beautiful when you have your favorite fashion influencers slaying outfits the majority are scared to wear and this is the coronavirus inspired fashion.

Egungun be careful, an Express you dey go, lol! Our favorite fashion influencers have taken fashion to the next level amidst the coronavirus pandemic. It seems like Nana saw the future because she wore her’s months before the pandemic. See Nana Akua Addo’s oufit below.

Cardi B also saw the future. Nana who shared the post below wrote: It was a Fashion prophecy for Cardi and I, we saw 🦠 it ooo

Followed by Nigerian fashion designer Anjy Lumiee popularly known as ceoluminee

Another Nigerian lady has also shared her Coronavirus inspired outfit below

We love creativity but after this period this concept will be forgotten as no one wants to be reminded of this horrible time. What do you think?

Which is your favorite coronavirus inspired outfit?

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