Don Jazzy reacts to Dbanj’s rape allegation


After Miss Seyitan Eunice Babatayo accused Dbanj of rape, the singer would go on to file a N100 million lawsuit against her.

Yesterday, news began to to filter yesterday that Miss Seyitan Eunice Babatayo has been detained and is being held by the police.

Surprisingly she would go on to make post on her social media, promoting his songs.

Many Nigerians have since reacted to the turn of events, with some calling for him to be canceled.

Some also called on Don Jazzy to air his view on the turn of events and not sit on the fence.

Reacting moments back, Don Jazzy stated that he is sure the truth would always prevail, as he added that the law would always protect the victim.

He also pointed out that he is not an investigator and neither is he a judge, but urged the police to carry out through investigation and allow the court to do justice.

“No matter how long a lie lasts, the truth will always prevail. The fact is that one of them is a victim and the law will protect that person. I stand firmly against rape and all injustices against women, children and everyone including oppression. I urge all victims to speak out and report to the appropriate quarters.

It is also important that every accused person is given an opportunity to set the facts straight. For most of us, all we have is the good name our parents have given us and we must protect and bequeath to our own successors.

This particular case saddens my soul but I am not competent to investigate or judge this matter. I implore the police to thoroughly investigate and courts to do justice.”

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