Glo Data Plan Bundles And How To Subscribe


We have brought you Glo data plan bundles since Glo claims that they are the grandmaster of data in Nigeria so we have brought their data plans are categorized into different aspects.

There is the Glo daily data plans, Glo weekly data plans, Glo monthly data plans, Glo Flexi plans, Glo Blackberry Plans, and even subscription plans for Blackberry 10 devices.

Glo Plans Prices Data Volume For New Customers Validity
N50 27MB + 5MB * 45MB 1day
N100 90MB + 15MB * 160MB 1day
N300 1GB non 1 day
N200 240MB + 110MB * 500MB (400MB +100MB*) 2days
N500 2GB non 2 days
N200 1.25GB non Only on Sundays
N1500 7GB non 7days
N500 800MB + 250MB * 1.8GB (1.6GB + 200 MB Night) 14days
N1000 (2.5GB) 1.9GB + 600MB * 3.7GB (3.2GB + 500 MB*) 30days
N1500 (4.1GB) 3.5GB + 600MB * 6.75GB (6.25GB + 500 MB *) 30days
N2000 (5.8GB) 5.2GB + 600MB * 9.5GB (9GB + 500 MB *) 30days
N2500 (7.7GB) 6.8GB + 900MB * 12.75GB (12GB + 750 MB *) 30days
N3,000 (10GB) 9GB + 1GB * 17GB (16.25GB + 750 MB *) 30days
N4000 (13.25GB) 12.25GB + 1GB * 19GB (18.25GB + 750 MB *) 30days
N5000 (18.25GB) 17GB + 1.25GB * 23GB (22GB + 1GB *) 30days
N8000 (29.5GB) 27.5GB + 2GB * 37GB (36GB + 1GB *) 30days
N10,000 (50GB) 46GB + 4GB * 50GB (46GB + 4GB *) 30days
N15,000 (93GB) 86GB + 7GB * 93GB (86GB + 7GB *) 30days
N18,000 (119GB) 109GB + 10GB * 119GB (109GB + 10GB *) 30days
N20,000 (138GB) 126GB + 12GB 138GB (126GB + 12GB *) 30days


Glo daily plans

Fortunately, for light users or subscribers, or especially for those that want to browse the internet to check or confirm something, the Glo daily plans will guide you through. Glo Nigeria has almost all the cheapest plan for our mobile phones.

If you are ready to browse the internet for a short period of time, or you want to check a few things, then this below Glo data plan code will guide you through the stress and fix everything for you.

Glo N50 Data Plan

There is another normal or cheaper rate of Glo data plan, which gives you 32MB (27MB + 5MB*) as your normal data volume and with a bonus, and 45MB for New Customers.

To activate the Glo N50 data plan, recharge your SIM with N50, and then dial *777#. The plan validity is 1day.

Glo N100 Data Plan

This is one cheap plan from Glo, and of course, it is among the daily plans. It gives you a whooping data volume of 105MB (90MB + 15MB*) and 160MB for New Customers.

To activate the N100 plan, recharge your SIM with N100, and then dial *777# USSD code. It will last 1day.

Glo N200 data plan

If you are a Glo subscriber and you really want to enjoy those amazing short time on the internet, you can use the N100 data plan, which gives you a data volume of 350MB (240MB + 110MB *).

And 500MB (400MB +100MB*) for new customers. To activate the Glo N100 data plan, recharge your SIM with N200, and then dial *777# USSD code. The plan is valid for 2day.

Glo 14day Plan

Like the aforementioned 5day plan, this is the Glo data plan for 14days, which allows you to browse more, surf the internet more, watch seconds videos, and you can even download few files, all for N500.

It gives you 1.05GB (800MB + 250MB*), and 1.8GB (1.6GB + 200 MB Night) for New Customers. To activate this Glo 14days plan, recharge your SIM with N500, and then dial *777# USSD code. The validity date is 14 days.

Glo Monthly Data Plans

Thankfully, Glo also has a bunch of favorably monthly plans for everyone. Probably, here is the time, they can actually boast of being the grandmasters of data plan in Nigeria.

Much like the daily plans, 5days, and 14days data plans, subscribers can activate the plan with either USSD code or SMS. We will begin from the least amount to the much-anticipated amount.

Glo N1000 Data Plan

For monthly users or subscribers, this is the least of them all and everyone seems to be interested in this plan. With Glo N1000, you can enjoy a data volume of 2.5GB, which is 1.9GB + 600MB and in addition to the bonus, you will get 3.7GB (3.2GB + 500 MB*) for New Customers.

To activate this Glo N1000 data plan, recharge your SIM with N1000, and then dial 12753# USSD code, or SMS 53 to 127 and it will activate for you. Provided that you have an N1000 recharge card. The validity period is 30days.

Glo N1500 Data Plan

And there is the 4.1GB data for N1500, which is day 3.5GB + 600MB for the night. And since it is around in between, it is much better.

Meanwhile, new customers will get 6.75GB (6.25GB + 500 MB *) for new customers, all for N1,500/30 days. To activate this plan, you can dial *777#.

Glo N2000 Data Plan

The next on the list is the N2000 Glo data plan, it allows you to download and stream more videos online than the average N1000 plan. With the Glo N2000 data plan, you will receive a data volume of 5.8GB, which is 5.2GB + 600MB*.

But new customers get 9.5GB (9GB + 500 MB ). To activate the Glo N2000 plan, recharge your SIM with N2000 and then dial *12755# USSD code, or SMS 58 to 127, and the plan will be activated, valid for 30days.

Glo N2500 Data Plan

Glo data bundles are incomparable to other network plans in Nigeria, and of course, the N2500 is also among the huge list. The Glo N2500 bundle plan gives you a data volume of 7.7GB with a data volume bonus of 7.2GB, which is 6.8GB + 900MB*. While new customers get 12.75GB (12GB + 750 MB*).

To activate the Glo N2500 data plan, recharge your SIM with N2500, and then dial 12758# USSD code or SMS 58 to 127. It will be activated within a few seconds or minutes and will be valid for only 30days.

Glo N3000 Data Plan

Going a little bit further, further and further. We have the amazing N3000 data plan, which gives you a data volume of 10GB, which is 9GB + 1GB* and new customers get 12.75GB (12GB + 750 MB*).

To activate the Glo N3000 plan, recharge your SIM with N3000, and then dial 12754# USSD code, or SMS 54 to 127. The validity of the plan is 30days, which means from the day of activation, you have got just a minimum period of 30days.

Glo N4000 Data Plan

And then, we have the 4000 plan fro Glo Nigeria. Unlike others, it gives a whooping data volume of 10GB and plus the bonus, there is the 13.25GB (12.25GB + 1GB*), and 19GB (18.25GB + 750 MB *) for New Customers.

To activate this Glo N4000 data plan, recharge your SIM with N4000, and then dial 12759# USSD code, or SMS 59 to 127 and it will be activated within some few seconds. The plan validity period of 30days.

Glo N5000 Data Plan

In order to get started with standard internet browsing then the Glo N5000 plan will guide you through. Glo has made surfing the internet affordable and cheaper than all other Nigeria networks.

It gives you a data volume of 18.25GB (17GB + 1.25GB), then for new customers, you get 23GB (22GB + 1GB) data. To activate the Glo N5000 data plan, recharge your SIM with N5000, and then, you can dial 1272# USSD code, or SMS 11 to 127. The plan validity period is 30days.

Glo N8000 Data Plan

The company jumped from N6000, N7000 plan to N8000. And they delivering the same GB but at a cheaper rate than the Airtel 25GB for 10K. With the Glo N8000 data plan, you will enjoy 29.5GB (27.5GB + 2GB*) data, and 37GB (36GB + 1GB *) for New Customers.

To activate this Glo N8000 data bundle plan, recharge your SIM with N8000, and then users can dial 1271# USSD code, but you can easily SMS 12 to 127. The plan has been set to 30 days of validity.

Glo N10000 Data Plan

In other words, users can enjoy this N10,000 worth of data plan for all devices, starting from their favorite gadgets, such as Android phones, iPhones, PC to the least. It gives 50GB (46GB + 4GB*) of data, and 50GB (46GB + 4GB *) for New Customers.

To activate the Glo N10,000 data plan, recharge your SIM with N10,000 and then you can dial 12711# USSD code, or SMS 15 to 127 and it will be activated, provided you have already recharged N10,000 in your SIM card. The plan is valid for just 30days.

Glo N15000 Data Plan

With N15,000 of airtime, you can easily enjoy powerful GB for your business, you will automatically become a premium member of the Glo world of cheap data plans. The Glo N15,000 data plan gives you a data volume of 93GB (86GB + 7GB*), and 93GB (86GB + 7GB *) for New Customers.

To activate this Glo N15,000 data plan, recharge your SIM with N15,000 and then you can dial 12712# USSD code, or you can easily SMS 16 to 127. The validity of the plan has been to 30days.

Glo N18,000 Data Plan

Another amazing data on the list is that of N18,000. Surprisingly, this plan gives you 119GB (109GB + 10GB*), while new customers tend to get 119GB (109GB + 10GB *). Isn’t this incredible?

To activate this Glo N18,000 data bundle plan, recharge your SIM with N18,000 and then dial 12713# USSD code or SMS 17 to 127. It will be activated within a few seconds, the validity period is just 30days.

Glo N20,000 Data Plan

And finally, there is the baba data plan, that can be activated with N20,000. This plan gives you 138GB (126GB + 12GB) of data plan, while new customers get 138GB (126GB + 12GB*).

To activate the Glo N20,0000 data plan, recharge your SIM with N20,000 and dial 12733# USSD code or SMS 33 to 127. The validity period is 30 days, with this bundle plan, you will enjoy various unlimited browsing and surfing of the internet.

*Night Bonus – 12 AM to 5 AM

Glo HSI Portal

The Glo HSI is a portal where you can manage your Glo Internet subscriptions of Glo Bolt. Glo Bolt is an improved and most exciting internet service with innovations that are revolutionizing mobile internet services in Nigeria.

With this portal, subscribers can easily subscribe to data plans, check data history, generate an invoice and view all Globacom data plans, cancel “auto renewal” from the portal and many others.

Glo Bolt features a unique Self-Care Portal available at, and only available on the Glo network. The portal presents all Glo Bolt subscription plans and gives functionality for data sharing, data gifting, subscription status check and data consumption with free access to all Glo Subscribers.

Glo Flexi Plans

Another handful of Glo data bundles plan is known as Flexi plans, in other words, they are known as hourly plans. These lists of plans allow you to easily subscribe to all hourly, and night plans on the internet from the network provider.

Plan Name Price Data Volume Validity USSD
TGIF – N500_WEEKEND_PLAN 500 3GB 7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm) *127*61#
N200_NIGHT_PLAN 200 1GB 1 day (12am – 5am) *127*60#
G 100 6,000 4GB 100 Hrs or 30 days *127*5#
G 300 15,000 12GB 300 Hrs or 3 Months *127*4#
G-Leisure 5,000 12GB 8PM to 9AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends *127*7#
G-Work 6,000 16GB 8 AM to 9 PM *127*6#

Glo N200 Night Plan

It seems that everyone loves downloading or surfing the internet at night and yes, it is worth the wait. With the Glo N200 night plan, you can get 1GB of data, all for N200.

To activate this plan, recharge your SIM with N200, and dial 12760# USSD code, or SMS 60 to 127. The validity period of this plan is within 1 day (12 am – 5 am).

Glo G-Work

Then there is the N6000 for 12GB data volume. Which is valid from 8 AM to 9 PM. To activate this plan, dial 1276# USSD code or SMS 31 to 127.

How can I check data on Glo?

To check your Glo data plan balance, do the following:

*. Insert your SIM
*. Switch on your phone
*. Dial *777#
*. Select your current subscription plan
*. Choose “Manage data”
*. Select “data balance”
*. Wait for a reply message from the network.

There are other ways to check your data bundle plan:

*. Via USSD Code: 1270#
*. Online: Go to
*. SMS: “info” to 127

Glo Campus Data Booster

Price Data Off-Campus On-Campus Glo to Glo Bonus Free Data for Gifting Validity
N100 100MB 100MB 225MB N100 25MB 2days
N200 200MB 200MB 450MB N200 50MB 4days
N500 500MB 500MB 1.12GB N500 125MB 7days
N1000 1GB 1GB 2.25GB N1000 250MB 15days
N2000 2GB 2GB 4.5GB N2000 500MB 30 days
N5000 5GB 5GB 11.2GB N5000 1250MB 30days

Glo Youtube Data Offer

Another amazing data plan for youtube streaming is the Glo Youtube data offer, which allows users, subscribers to easily subscribe to a new whole bundle plan, but it comes with youtube benefits.

On Glo Youtube Data Offer, customers can now automatically enjoy free YouTube access with every purchase of data plans worth N500 or more. This 2.5GB benefit for all data above N500 is received, irrespective of customer device technology i.e 4G LTE, 3G or 2G.

Subscribers can buy any plan of their choice by dialing *777# or by using the hsi self-care – These data plans, which can be gifted and shared, are also available on Etop-up channels and Glo Café App.

In addition to the enhanced features and extra data volumes, customers can enjoy:
· 2.5GB for watching YouTube videos which would be available for use between 1.00 am and 5.30 am and will work as long as your main data plan is current and valid.
· All the above changes are also applicable to BlackBerry 10 plans.

Glo Blackberry Plans

Bundle Plan Price Base Plans 25% extra for New & Renewed subscriptions Validity
50 20MB 27.5 MB 1
100 80MB 100MB 1
200 210MB 262MB 5
500 800MB 1GB 14
1000 1.6GB 2GB 30
2000 3.65GB 4.5GB 30
2500 5.75GB 7.2GB 30
3000 7GB 8.75GB 30
4000 10GB 12.5GB 30
5000 12.5GB 15.6GB 30
8000 20GB 25GB 30
10,000 26GB 32.5GB 30
15,000 42GB 52.5GB 30
18,000 50GB 62.5GB 30

Remember to be able to use these plans on your BB 10 device, you would have to change the APN (Access point Name) of your device from “” or whatever that was there to “glosecure”.

Meanwhile, Glo Nigeria offers much more data volumes for much lesser prices. Also provide a self-care data management portal, the High-Speed Internet (HSI) portal where you can view your data usage, share data, buy data and gift data, available via

Dial *777# or visit to buy and manage subscriptions (Applicable to mobile devices Using the Glo Bolt Internet service). To cancel auto-renewal, send CANCEL to 127 or call the GLO customer care line.

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