Hushpuppi And Cristiano Ronaldo’s Fashion Face Off. Who Wore It Better?


Today’s fashion face-off is so interesting because we have Hushpuppi who has been in the news for fraud and footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. But we are not talking about crime but fashion.

We love fashion face off because it gives us the time to analyze how well fashion influencers dress and how well to do it as a learner, lol!

Hushpuppi who is known for his designer outfits and Gucci brand first worse the outfit months ago and many people loved the outfit not just for the colors but for how the Instagram influencer/ realtor wore it paired withe sneakers and how the person carries themselves as well.

See Hushpuppi’s look below:

Then we also have Cristiano Ronaldo pulling off the same look today and many think he’s copying the look but we love it. Ronaldo also paired his with white sneakers and footballers pose, lol! See Ronaldo’s look below:

Who’s look are you feeling? Cristiano Ronaldo or Hushpuppi?

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