I want to make 40 couples happy on my 40th Birthday – Late Ibidun Ighodalo’s message to TY Bello


The former beauty queen, Ibidun Ighodalo who passed away last Sunday after a sudden heart attack around 2 am has left many in shock of what could have gone wrong? And why such a thing would befall such a beautiful woman who many people said so many nice things about.

On the morning of her death her husband, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo officiated a funeral of Ayodeji Okoya after learning of his wife’s death. Many said he was probably in shock and had not come to the full reality of what happened to him.

The late Ibidun had traveled to Port-harcourt on Friday were she has been working on the isolation center before her sudden death. The night before her death, she sent TY Bello her photographer and friend messages on WhatsApp what she wanted on her birthday and two hours later she was gone. Read the message below

Did she know her journey had ended? Just four days before her death, she had visited her late father’s grave side with her aunt and encouraged everyone to pay a visit to their late family members and keep the environment clean. It was such an emotional moment. Watch the video below:


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Ibidun leaves behind her husband and two kids.

May her soul rest in peace and may God console the family she left behind and we know her 40th birthday wish will be granted, amen!


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Goodnight Ibidun!

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