It Is Insulting To Describe Someone As Half-caste – Actress Juliet Ibrahim


Ghanaian actress, producer, and singer who is from Ghanaian and librarian descent, Juliet Ibrahim have said that is is insulting to describe someone as half-caste.

The actress shared this after she had a conversation with someone. She wrote:

She explained that she and her sisters have battled with this for years and are hoping to change it. She says when she is abroad that she is referred to as a black woman and African but amongst Africans she is referred to as half-caste like she is not one of them. See photos Of Juliet Ibrahim and her pretty sisters below


I really do not know how others perceive the word Half-caste. “Half cast” is Nigerian pidgin for mixed race. I have never seen people use the term as derogation instead I have seen people use it as praise, interestingly enough she sees it otherwise.

She advised that we teach our children to see everyone as the same, no racism. See the reactions to her post below:

Do you think it is insulting to refer to someone as a half-caste?

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