Kogi Chief Judge, Nasiru Ajanah Dies At Coronavirus Isolation Centre As State Claims No Coronavirus Incident


Kogi state Chief Judge, Nasiru Ajanah has died at the age of 64 on Sunday, 28th June 2020. He reportedly died at the COVID-19 isolation center in Abuja.

This is happening after Kogi state has claimed that there is no Coronavirus in the state and you will recall that the Nigerian centre for disease control said there is no state free from Coronavirus.

Many Nigerians online have said that the governor of that state should take the blame for deaths in the state as he refused to accept the reality of the virus on the ground in his state – letting people seek help out of his state then die because they get it too late.

We can’t understand this struggle by the state government to prove Kogi State is COVID-19 free even to the detriment of the public. As a student of science and expert in disease surveillance epidemiology, we know it just smacks of self-deceit and ignorance. So if you are free, so what? The KGSG should better allow testings to go on before the state heads into deep shit. This attitude is looming grave danger.

This is bad, and can’t the people of Kogi cooperate and deliver themselves from this bondage, or is it until it goes out of hand which I believe it’s the case already but denying it.

Why playing politics with people’s lives?

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