Lady Dies After Posting “If I Die During Lockdown, No Need For Autopsy”


A 22-year-old lady has died two months after making a post about death on Facebook.
Sandra Chinenye Obioha Ihekwereme wrote on Facebook on April 4:

“If I die in this lockdown no need for an autopsy. Na yam and red oil and garri with salt kill me.”

Sadly, Sandra Chinenye Obioha Ihekwereme died on June 12, 2020, and according to her obituary, she died after a brief illness.

The young lady will be buried on the 3rd of July this year, and friends have since taken to social media to mourn her demise.

This just reminds us again of the power of the tongue. Everybody’s prayer ought to be how to survive and overcome the Pandemic/lockdown period.

Since the government has decided to abandon its citizens to our gate, we need to struggle and sustain to overcome the trying period. What you wish is what you get.

If you don’t know, if you are not aware, if you lack knowledge, listen now!!!

The words that come out of your mouth is powerful (even what you text about yourself is powerful). Always speak blessings to yourself, if someone speaks curse to you, counter it with blessings from your mouth.

This is not a religion, This is reality. Humans are spiritual being covered with a physical suit (flesh/body). We are living in a generation with a very low knowledge of that which matters most, The Spiritual realm. The spiritual realm (what you cant see) controls the physical realm (what u see).

Your thoughts, imaginations, words of your mouth and everything you do with your body is not just for fun.

May her soul RIP

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