Nigerian doctors cancel surgery on elderly patient suspected to have COVID-19


A Nigerian doctor revealed that surgery to be carried out on an elderly patient who is suspected to have Coronavirus (COVID-19) due to the unavailability of PPE Personal protective equipment for the health workers.

Dr. Makanaki took to his social media page where he wrote;

We’ve just canceled a surgery bcos patient is suspected to have COVID19 & there’s no PPE to work with. The patient is an elderly woman with intra-cerebral bleed following a Road Traffic Accident. Dangerous delay! You see why doctors went on strike now?! We were also fighting for u!

They’ve finally approved PPEs but it’s not enough for the surgeons and anesthetists.
The country is sad all around.

Here, you have to write a letter to apply for the PPEs and wait for the C/DCMAC to approve.
They’ll still not approve the requested number.
Thank God for your center.

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