Nkwobi food and the deceitful pot by food vendors

If you are a lover of Nkwobi food, you will understand when we say the pot is the biggest scam in Nigeria, and the carpenters that make these wooden pots should all be arrested too because they are all part of the scam, lol.

If you are wondering what Nkwobi is. Here you go, Nkwobi is a Nigerian delicacy that is usually gotten from restaurants. It is simply cooked cow foot mixed in spicy palm oil paste.

You will taste Nkwobi and the thing will just finish immediately. It can be so annoying. They’ll put just five pieces of meats and lots of sauce/onions 🙄🙄 once you taste the sauce you’ll forget you’re being cheated and ask for an extra plate.
As if the plate scam is not enough, some restaurants will just pack bone instead of meat, as if the person is a dog. Biggest scam ever in Nigeria, EFCC needs to arrest those restaurants people.  Tt’s about N800 to N2000, depending on the location you get it from.
It’s time I start telling them to serve it in a normal deep bowl and let them know that I’m allergic to this one. It’s the cheating pot. 
When last did you Nkwobi? Did they give you extra after complaining about the pot and quantity of the Nkwobi?

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