Physically Challenged Man Shares His Terrible Experience At A Bank In Ogun State.


A physically challenged man has shared his terrible experience at a GTB bank in Ogun state. Ibrahim Omotosho took to Twitter to call out the bank for the terrible experience he had at one of their branches.

Omotosho couldn’t go into the banking hall because the entrance to the hall was not wheelchair accessible. He wrote:

After two hours, he shared an update:

Another physically challenged, Odeduntan Yusuf man also shared his experience. He wrote:

I am also physically challenged, and I have several tales of woes to tell, regarding my experience with most Nigerian banks. Oftentimes I was denied entry into the banking hall, simply because I use metal crouch (walking aid) which their security doors would not allow.

Due to social distancing, all banks should provide canopies and seats for their customers and not leave customers waiting under the sun for hours endlessly.

Unfortunately, most public buildings in Nigeria have design deficits when it comes to providing accommodation for the physically challenged people., we need to overcome many things in Nigeria and make it an inclusive society for all.

Another area is transportation. No vehicles specially made to carry disabled people with wheel chairs around. I wonder how they cope

Who constructs a public/commercial facilities without considerations for the physically challenged?


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