You Must Visit Lagos Or Abeokuta To Be Famous In Nigeria – Pastor


A Nigerian pastor has said that, if you want to be famous in Nigeria, you must visit Lagos or Abeokuta.

In the video, the clergyman can be heard telling his congregation that if they wanted their names to be known or want to make it in Nigeria, they must ensure that their feet touches both Lagos and Abeokuta.’

He said;

if you want to be famous, if God wants to lift you and announce you to the world from Nigeria, your feet must touch Lagos.

There are two cities your feet must touch, Abeokuta and Lagos.

If your feet does not touch prophetically, your voice will not be heard from this nation because there is a covenant.

In the realm of the spirit, Abeokuta gave birth to Lagos.


What do you think of this? Are you on your way to Lagos or Abeokuta right now?


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