Access Bank Releases Statement About The Viral indecencyographic Video Displayed On Their ATM At UNILAG


Access Bank PLC, has reacted to the pornographic movie that appeared on screen of its University of Lagos, UNILAG’s branch gallery on Friday. Customers queuing to use the bank’s ATM were shocked yesterday morning when some adult contents started displaying on the screen instead of the normal advert. But the bank has come out to suggest that an external body may have visited an adult movie site with the bank’s in-branch tablets.

In a tweet on Friday evening, the bank said if the content doesn’t inspire, empower or resonate with you positively, it’s not from them. Read the statement below

The transcription of the message is shown below:

“Our attention has been drawn to an obscene video being circulated on different social media platforms purportedly recorded on one of our in-branch mobile tablets at the Access Bank Unilag Branch. Please be informed that these tablets were placed there to enhance customer experience in the banking halls, as customers can walk over to any of these tabs to transact online. We think it is dishonorable for users of our in-branch tablets to visit inappropriate sites using any of the Bank’s platforms. We regret any inconvenience this would have caused to customers that would have come in contact with the video. We are working on measures to prevent a future re-occurrence. Thank you for being our eyes and ears”.


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